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Great music, pithy pictures & clips and a lively sermon. This is Crossways – our event in the cinema. Every 2nd Sunday at 1 pm the Cinestar Metropolis, Eschenheimer Anlage 40, 60318 Frankfurt am Main. Subway stop: Eschenheimer Tor.

Crossways is a modern church service with a mix of contemporary and spiritual worship. Drums, electric guitar, bass, electric piano and vocals make for a real treat. The big screen is used throughout the service, showing interesting, pithy images and clips to give a contemporary feel. The sermons of Cris Zimmerman are both realistic and challenging.

The service takes one and a half hours, finishing at 2:30 pm (CET).

Following the service there is the crossways hangout, to get to know each other personally and discuss our experiences. We go to a nearby restaurant to drink & eat. Anyone interested can simply come along. We look forward to seeing you there!

English translation is offered via the app Churchvox!

Are you interested in helping out in Crossways?
The head of the Crossways service organization is Laura Pfaender:
Ruben Leinberger is responsible for the musical direction: