Prayer Meeting

  • Woman Holding the Bible

Ora et Labora – pray and work. For hundreds of years, this principle has helped humans to regain strength for everyday life; to be focused and meaningful in the day’s work. We also want to see a piece of heaven in our lives, in our city, and in our world. Every Wednesday morning, we meet at 06:15 for one hour before work begins in order to form a common prayer. Men and women meet here, at the same time but at different locations, to be encouraged and inspired in the prayer groups.

You are welcome to come, and if you have any more questions, you are more than welcome to contact any leader.

Men and women meet in different rooms in the Brönnerstraße 9, 60313 Frankfurt. 

The leaders of these meetings are Cris Zimmermann and Anemone Butt. For questions or interests you can reach them at: (Men’s prayer group) 
(Women’s prayer group)