Journey Wiesbaden

  • heimathafen-Wiesbaden

Eat brunch, sing songs and enjoy worship together. This is our Journey Wiesbaden service in Heimathafen. Every 2nd Sunday at 1pm in Heimathafen, Karlstraße 22, 65185 Wiesbaden.

At 1pm we start with a brunch where everyone who likes, brings something to eat. Whether it’s a small pasta salad, a hearty casserole or a dessert, we put all the food on the counter and everyone can then snack on the different delicacies. Drinks can be ordered at the bar easily.

After eating, we start the service. Under the theme “Journey – dare to go God’s ways” we talk about relevant topics of everyday life and the Christian faith. We invite people to live their life with God.

We sing songs, hear an inspiring sermon and regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.
After the service, you don’t need to go straight home. With a macchiato latte, cappuccino or espresso, you can enjoy the Sunday afternoon at Heimathafen.